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Eldeco Udhyan, Near CASA Greens Lucknow

Principal Message

Dear Parents,
The key to greatness of a nation is in the hands of its children just like the fruits that always grow on a strong well nourished tree. We at the BDS are strongly committed to the intellectual, social, emotional and physical development of the children. Our endeavour is to make these precious gems not only academically aware but also emotionally stable and confident by providing them the best practices in early childhood education that recognize the importance of exploration and discovery!
The little ones not only feel safe, secure but are valued and respected as unique individuals. A crucial part of learning at BDS is to chisel the innate talents of our students . Perhaps we have a singer, a poet, a dancer or an artist? It's our job to find that talent and nurture, encourage and enhance it. Your child's early years is the most precious and important time as it lays the foundation for getting the knowledge and skills needed for success in later school years, as well as in life. Together with our dedicated, warm and compassionate facilitators, we look forward to working with you to ascertain that all our children reach their fullest potential as critical thinkers, problem solvers, and respectful citizens of the future.
Ms.Ruchi Sharma